Saturday, September 3, 2011

we were kings

on his way home..., originally uploaded by bR!@n.

2pm.. once, used to be my favorite time of day. because at that time, all the grown-ups are asleep. and the only children around are the ones that dared to sneak away from being put into bed for the afternoon nap. so i know i was in good company. the streets will be so quiet at first, but as soon as we know that they are already dreaming, the streets are ours! for the next hour or two, the world will be ruled by children.. certain type of children.. the brave ones. we will play our hearts out under the blazing heat and fear no one, because for those precious minutes the world was ours.. and then eventually people start waking up. and as soon as we smell the delicious miryendas being prepared, we start running back to our houses, being the children of our parents once again.

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