Wednesday, September 28, 2011

seems everyone's having a facelift these days

blogger dynamic views, originally uploaded by bR!@n.

blogger just released a new layout template! a welcome change with everyone changing stuff up recently.. the magazine view seems to be my favorite so far (though i can't get my headline picture to work just yet).

blogger's dynamic views offer 7 different ways readers can view you blog. each offers a different way of exploring your page and will present readers with different features; infinite scrolling, keyboard shortcuts, lightbox viewing, sharing buttons for google+, twitter, and facebook. the views can highlight pictures or text and will open up your blog history making it easy to be explored by others.

there are still a few bugs here and there and customization is still limited, but they said they will add (and fix) more stuff in the coming weeks.

so try out some of those views right now (why not). just click on them on the upper left side of the page. ;p

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