Saturday, September 3, 2011

ten years after

4th year MIDES, originally uploaded by bR!@n.

Stumbled onto my old multiply blog and found this one to be worth reposting here.

When we were young, we thought we knew exactly what we wanted to be. During pre-school, I wanted to be a fireman. Then I grew up and realized, what the heck was I thinking? (“,)

The point is we always have our goals. Then life happens, and we loose track. We make decisions everyday that takes us closer to the person we will be. That person isn’t always the one we want… but what happens is we compromise and take what we can get. I personally think that the stage we know exactly what we want us to be, is during that last year in high school (when life was a blur and everything happens too fast).

You see, everything was even up to that point. Everybody had a fair chance. We had our whole lives ahead of us and the world was an “oyster” apparently (according to Ross, whatever that means). It was that year that we decided who we wanted to be, built our goals and started to dream. I guess I could say it was the time we decided to grow up and make our own lives.

That was a very big crossroads and everyone went their separate ways to try and chase that life. We were young optimists that faced life head on... But I guess we were too young to realize what the future really had in store for us.

Ten years after, here we are… still lost in this world, trying to find their place. I would like to think that a few of us already made it. But for those that are still adrift… well that’s life. We will eventually find our way and kick ass. But until then, the world can wait for our awesomeness some other time. ;P

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