Friday, January 23, 2015

Going Back

Cheers for 2014! #GoodJobGrowingUp

For the past couple of years I have been writing my year end thoughts. Missed last year’s and I don’t even remember not doing it. Guess I was too busy with the wedding preparations and thought I would always get back to it at some point. Turned out I did not. I promise myself now that I will never miss it again. Through the past years, it has always been New Year’s. Not anymore. From now on my year starts and ends on this day, January 23rd, our day.

2014. What can I say? It was a year of growing up; tying the knot, getting our own place, with a baby on the way. Well we really outdid ourselves this time. I almost feel overwhelmed... almost, but surprisingly not quite. It’s a lot to be thankful for in just one year. I guess it’s that part of life where everything happens all at once. One thing follows another and everything just kind of flows from there.

We started the year with a promise. On a cold and windy January morning, Carina and I finally said our vows in a quiet little church in Tagaytay. That alone already made my year. But we both knew it was only the beginning… of the year… and of the rest of our lives.

It was a carefree stretch after that. We had a plan but really had no idea how to go about life after. We already got a place ready, but we sure took our sweet time before finally moving out of my parents’. It was rainy July that the final moving box was unpacked and we were on our own… without a bed (Don’t worry, it came in after ;p). House chores, household bills, and furniture shopping was what occupied most of our time after that. We have finally settled in. “Welcome home”.

A last pleasant surprise was waiting for us though. And it came about one lazy August weekend. There it was, clear as day; two horizontal lines. You were coming into our lives and both of us knew it was going be a wonderful life ahead.

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