Friday, May 6, 2011


clock tower, originally uploaded by bR!@n.

1999. The turn of the century.. almost. It was a year of promise going into the new millenium. Somehow, the following year was seen as an opportunity for a new beginning, a time to start over. Possibly due to the fact that three digits of the year will be reset to zero. Square one.

1999. I don't know, something about the figure just grabs a hold of me. It almost literally spells out "anticipation".. "what's next?".. or probably the more appropriate "we got this far, now what?".

1999. I would imagine everyone at that time was busy preparing to go across one millenium to the next. As for me, I was just busy enjoying my final year in high school, thinking what college life would be like, and dreading the long commute I will be facing the next year.

1999. "I got this far.. now what?"

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