Saturday, April 9, 2011

college mornings

grills, originally uploaded by bR!@n.

i start my typical day waking up from bed, which is actually nothing more than an old mattres that i lay down the family room every night. i look out our window grill to see the morning light then i look at the time on the old family wall clock (that we had since i can remember) and compute how much sleep i got after staying on the phone for hours last night. after realizing that it's just been three hours since i finally went to bed and the headache kicks in, i do a quick recall if any of my morning classes have any scheduled exams. if i was lucky and only had lectures in the morning, i will happily sink my head back to my pillow and go back to dreaming. (snooze..)

hours later, when i wake up on my own accord or when the living room gets too busy and i'm forced to evacuate my squatter of a bed space, i would get up, pick up my "bed", and finally get ready for school.

the usual morning ritual follows. eat brunch... or lunch, depending on how much i slept in, brush my teeth, take a bath, and finally get into my school clothes which is usually just the same as what i would wear at home (shirt, shorts, and slippers). as soon as i'm all dressed up like... well, someone buying "suka sa tindahan", i will head on out the door (with a hundred and twenty pesos in my pocket) and take the hell of a commute from Bulacan to Diliman.

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