Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010: watdaef?!

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I was never fond of surprises. Growing up, I was always able to get what was happening before they surprise me. Well, that was not the case this year...

2010 was full of unexpected turns and detours. Starting the year not expecting anything new is a mistake. A new year will always bring about change and new experiences.

How many times will you get to be a bridal car driver in your lifetime? Learn new dance steps and fashion a fedora hat? Pioneer new technologies for worldwide information security. Find yourself to be alone after long good years just for the sake of a good future. Experience Christmas again in a whole new light.

Change is good. It allows us to grow. 2010 has given us all another year's worth of experiences. Hope we all learned a lot from it.

I would say the year was a "transition", somehow preparing us for the things to come. Nobody knows what that is.. guess we'll just have to wait for 2011.

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