Sunday, November 7, 2010

"apple inside"

"apple inside", originally uploaded by bR!@n.

I dropped by Trinoma's Power Mac Center today to get my macbook's DVD drive checked out. The optical drive has been acting up since I tried installing the Snow Leopard CD about 2 months ago and this would be my last chance to get it fixed with my AppleCare (which will expire by the month's end).

Had this bad boy for 3 years now and not once did I regret going for it. Who would have thought that my first ever personal laptop will be a Mac? I have always been a Windows guy, sticking to the norm, conservative views and stuff.. but at that time, being radical was the thing to do. At least that's what it felt like. 

I was in a foreign country, far away from home for the very first time. Everyone was speaking strange and most times, hand gestures were the only means of communication. For the first time, I was the minority.. the foreigner in their land. Right there, being different wasn't a choice, it was something to deal with. But hell yeah, it felt awesome! It was ok to be strange, in fact people expect it from you. You stick out from the crowd anyway so you can be as radical as you want. (There was also something about being in Japan that gets you all tech savvy and feel creative and stuff, but of course that was already obvious.)

Of course nowadays having a Mac isn't all that special. Since the boom of the iPod, Jobs has been successfully getting more and more slices of the market share pie. from Macbook Airs to the iPad, I'm not anymore feeling all that special.

Nevertheless, I'm still happy with my Macbook. It's given me three good years and has always inspired creativity when I'm on it. I know it will be time to upgrade soon, but I'm in no hurry.

Mac101 (December 8, 2007) :

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